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CDI is a social organization focused on digital empowerment that seeks to qualify the young so they can become autonomous, aware and connected, able to reprogram the system in which they live, through the use of technology. We are present in 9 Brazilian states and work in partnership with community institutions, libraries and public schools to train multipliers in CDI methodology. They are the ones who replicate our programs and projects to the final public. Together, we became a large network of educators, teachers and librarians to promote a new awareness and generate opportunities for young Brazilians.

We use technology as a mean to generate employment and study opportunities, as well as access to entrepreneurship, for people between 12-29 years old. Increasingly present in the life of this public, technology is the language that allows us to develop in the young 21st century skills, autonomy in information and communications technology and the ability to solve social problems.


Supera CDI Mexico:

Civil Association, founded in the year 1979, by its current president Ms. Yolanda Santos de Hoyos.

With 37 years of experience in community health programs. The institution has the firm purpose of supporting the quality of life of the most unprotected communities of México. Since 2014 Supera is part of CDI Network, acting with programs for digital empowerment.


CDI Portugal:

Launched in Portugal in May 2013 with a unique methodology adapted to the national context, CDI Portugal has expanded its operations in accordance with its mission of innovation, social and technological integration with the accompaniment of different partners such as Microsoft, PT Foundation, EDP Foundation, PWC, Egon Zehnder and SRS Lawers. We have 9 Digital Inclusion Centers and in November 2015 we launched the first Digital Citizenship Centre in Lisbon, in partnership with public authorities (Lisbon City Hall and Marvila parish council).

The Digital Citizenship Center is a new concept of active citizenship and social inclusion, which allows the appearance of a diversity of initiatives and projects that enhance the capacity building of the population, making it socially and digitally integrated and therefore more autonomous, participative and qualified. In Marvila, a parish of Lisbon, projects have been developed through “CDI Community Youth, Senior and Refugees”, leaving technology at the disposal of people to solve their own problems, using robotics and projects related to the Internet of Things.

The Apps for Good is a new educational concept in which teachers and students acts in a single team with a community of volunteer experts from different areas, with the goal of creating applications for smartphones and tablets to solve a problem in their community. This program is being held in Portugal since January 2015 and has the strong support of the General Direction of Education, Microsoft, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, SAP, Anpri – National Association of Informatics Teachers, APDC – Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications, REN , SIEMENS, ESRI, ACP (Automobile Club Portuguese),, BLIP and SIVA.


CDI Chile:

Our mission is to transform lives and empower low-income communities through the empowerment of people with information and communication technologies. We use technology as a means to combat poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship and create new generations of innovators and agents of social transformation.

The main working areas of CDI Chile are:

Implementation of EDTs;

Training – through our Technical Training Organization;

Donatec – our technological donations program for non-profit organizations;

CDI Mobile – Social applications for mobile phones.


CDI Superatec Venezuela:

CDI SUPERATEC’s mission is to transform the lives of individuals and grassroots communities by creating opportunities for development through technological, human and job training. The objective of the training programs and courses at SUPERATEC are to provide opportunites for the development and self-improvement of the community, especially young people.  SUPERATEC’s offers: Entrepreneurship Program in Technical Service;  Entrepreneurship Program in Digital Editing; Administration and Services Program.

Additionally the organization offers participants the possibility to enroll in digital inclusion courses, online procedures, basic computing, intermediate computing, editing tools (Movie Maker, Photoshop); workshops in human training are also offered: management of emotions, leadership, public speaking and effective presentations, dialogue tools and management of differences.


CDI Colombia:

CDI Colombia transform lives and empower vulnerable communities through training and innovation in qualified information and communications technologies focused on citizenship practice, 21st century competencies, human values, respect for diversity and entrepreneurial spirit.

We empower agents of social transformation in grassroots communities and educational institutions through CDI’s  Methodlogy inspired by the critical pedagogy Paulo Freire so that in a collaborative and autonomous way they find solutions to common problems.

We establish alliances with organizations and institutions to enhance and give greater quality to their management and create new knowledge. We emphasize technological and local innovation and the integration with learning networks, professional networks and social networks.

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